ZQDF Solenoid Valve Wholesale, Manufacturers

Yuyao Xinsheng Manufacturer, sells ZQDF solenoid valve at wholesale price. Our ZQDF solenoid valve can automatically open or close the valve after receiving the electric control signal, realize the on-off or flow regulation control of the fluid medium in the pipeline, thereby controlling the temperature in the system , Flow, pressure and other parameters are automatically adjusted or remotely controlled.
ZQDF solenoid valve product features
Corrosion resistance: The main components, valve plug and valve body, are made of brass (forged), stainless steel (precision casting), copper, and have good corrosion resistance.
Heat resistance: Electromagnetic and sealing parts are all made of special high temperature resistant electrical materials and sealing materials, and effective heat insulation measures are adopted.
Wear resistance: reasonable selection of materials, clever use of fluid lubrication between the valve plug and the valve body to reduce wear.
Condensation resistance: The cold north water of the steam pipe is an important factor affecting the action of the steam solenoid valve, and this valve is not affected by the condensation water.