Rugged Glass Tube Rotameter

Update:28 Jun 2021

  When measuring liquid or gas flow at a higher pressure and temperature than plastic, you can use the rugged and durable Glass Tube Rotameter (variable area flowmeter) to obtain accurate flow. Due to the wider range of available flow rates, the Glass Tube Rotameter is suitable for various liquids and gases.

  The use of a borosilicate glass tube that can withstand pressures up to 13.8 bar (200 psi) resists thermal shock, pressure, and oxidation. In addition, corrosion-resistant material options for scales, floats, fittings, and valves are suitable for a variety of applications, whether in the laboratory or in an industrial process.

  A key application of Glass Tube Rotameter

  Industrial process

  Pharmaceutical production

  Oil and gas pumping and refining process

  Fuel cell research

  Chemical manufacturing

  Analytical Instruments

  Water treatment and distribution system

  Choose the Glass Tube Rotameter that best meets your project requirements.

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