What Is Glass Tube Rotameter

Update:05 Jul 2021

  Dimensions of Glass Tube Rotameter

  Glass Tube Rotameter usually provides calibration data and a direct reading scale for air or water or both. To adjust the size of the rotameter for other services, you must first change the actual flow to the standard flow. In the case of liquids, the standard flow rate refers to the water equivalent in GPM, while for gas, the expected standard flow rate is the airflow equivalent in standard cubic feet per minute (scfm).

  The table listing the standard water equivalent GPM and air scfm values ​​is provided by the rotor flowmeter manufacturer. They should also provide slide rules, nomograms, or computer software, which are usually used to adjust the size of the Glass Tube Rotameter.

  Advantages of Glass Tube Rotameter

  The main advantages of Glass Tube Rotameter are as follows:

  low cost


  Low-pressure drop

  Quite wide range

  Linear output

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