Common senes in the selectoin of solenoid valve

Update:05 Nov 2020

The liquid in pipe should be as same as the specified medium of the selected solenoid valve.
The temperature of the fluid must ve lower than the calibrated temperature of the solenoid valve
Solenoid valve normally allows the liquid viscosity below 20CST,over 20CST should be specified.
Working pressure difference,when the maximum pressure difference of the pipeline is less than 0.4Mpa,we should select such as 2W,ZQDF,ZCM series,such as direct acting solenoid valve and step by step direct acting(pressure differential type)solenoid valve.
The solenoid valve requests high cleanliness for the medium,so when fluid cleanliness is not high enough then a filter should be installed before the solenoid valve.
Pay attention to the flow aperture and pipe diameter,solenoid valve normally only has two step controller;If the condition permits,please install the bypass pipe for easy maintenance;When water hammer phenomenon happened,the time adjustment for opening and closing to the solenoid valve should be customized.
Pay attention to the influence of environmental temperature on the solenoid valve
Power supply current and power consumption should be selected according to the output capacity,the power supply voltage is generally allowed about±10%,please be noted that the VA value is a bit high when AC starts.

Solenoid valve is divided into normally closed type and normally open type;Usually normally closed type will be used firstly,it opens when power on and close when power off;But when it need to open for a long time and close for very short time,normally open type should be selected.
For life testing of factory generaly belong to type test project,According to JB/T7352-2010 standards,the life of solenoid valve can reach up to 100000-1000000times,and it varies as per its diameter,size and working medium.Normally the varies life is above 200000 times.
Direct acting solenoid valve is normally selected when the acting time is short but the frequency is very high,and the fast series solenoid valve is suitable for large diameter.

Normally the solenoid valve is not waterproof.When the conditions are not allowed,please choose chooes waterproof type,the factory can customize it.
The highest nominal pressure of solenoid valve must be higher than the maximum pressure within the pipe,otherwise the life will be shortened or other unexpected situations will occur.
The corrosive liquid should use stainless steel solenoid vavle,strong corrosive fluid should select the plastic King(XSFP)solenoid valve
Explosive environment must use the appropriate explosion-prllf products.

There are a lot of solenoid valve can pass above requirements,but on the basis of satisfying the above three points, we should choose most economical type.