What Is High Pressure Solenoid Valve?

Update:23 Aug 2021

  What is High Pressure Solenoid Valve?

  The High Pressure Solenoid Valve is used to control the flow of liquid or gas in the system. These valves are used to close, release, mix or meter liquids or gases. High Pressure Solenoid Valve can be of different types, such as 2-way, 3-way, or others.

  Listed below are the 3 most common problems that may occur during the use of the High Pressure Solenoid Valve.

  1. High Pressure Solenoid Valve cannot open/close normally

  Check the power supply to make sure the voltage and frequency are correct. Also, check the connection.

  Check whether there is dirt/corrosion under the diaphragm, whether the coil is burnt out or whether there are missing components

  Check whether the flow direction matches the indicator on the valve body or is within the range specified in the valve manual.

  2. The coil is burned out, melted, or energized to cool

  Check whether the power supply is correct and whether the coil can dissipate heat through ventilation. Install a new coil and never power the coil when it is not installed on the valve.

  Check whether the interior is damp, and replace if necessary. Also, replace any damaged or bent armatures, and check the compatibility of the medium and the valve. Don't forget to move the High Pressure Solenoid Valve to a colder area, otherwise, you may increase the ventilation around the valve and coil.

  3.High Pressure Solenoid Valve leak

  Check if there are no damaged or worn seals, O-rings, or diaphragms, and replace them if necessary.

  Check whether there are tiny drill chips, sand, and rust particles in the valve hole. Clean all parts carefully and make sure the pipes are clean.

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