The Working Principle and Characteristics of Water Solenoid Valve

Update:02 Apr 2022

How the Water Solenoid Valve Works

When there is gas blockage in the system, the gas will climb up the pipeline and eventually fill the highest point of the system, and the exhaust valve is generally installed at the highest point of the system. On the upper part of the exhaust valve, with the surge of gas in the valve, the pressure drops. When the gas pressure is greater than the system pressure, the gas will make the water surface in the cavity rise, the buoy will rise with the water level, and the exhaust port will be closed; after the gas is exhausted, the water level Descend, the buoy also descends, and the exhaust port is reopened. In the same way, when negative pressure is generated in the system, the water surface in the valve cavity rises, and the exhaust port is closed. Since the external atmospheric pressure is higher than the system pressure at this time, the atmosphere will be transferred into the system through the exhaust port to avoid the harm of negative pressure. If the bonnet on the valve body of the exhaust valve is tightened, the exhaust valve suspends exhausting. Normally, the bonnet should be in the open state.

Features of water solenoid valve
The direct-acting diaphragm structure is used to start without pressure, which expands its application field.

The flat diaphragm structure is used for reliable opening and closing, and the service life of the product is enhanced.

The choice of plastic encapsulated coils can improve the safe use of this product in many environments.

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