The Development History of Solenoid Valve

Update:29 Jun 2022

The development history of solenoid valves With the wider application of solenoid valves and the higher requirements for solenoid valves, more and more refined and stricter solenoid valves have been derived. The development process of solenoid valves is always accompanied by the market. The pace of follow-up is mainly due to the sharp increase in the demand for various special solenoid valves. The following are introduced by media category:

(1) Solenoid valve for water

Solenoid valves for water are always considered to be the simplest. In fact, water is divided into tap water, industrial pure water, industrial wastewater, irrigation water, seawater and other categories. Its corrosive properties and cleanliness are different. Different electromagnetic valves should be selected respectively. valve. Although the tap water valve is the most common, the performance requirements of the valve are different for different uses.

For example, the reliability of the action of the solenoid valve for fire protection is very important, and the consequences in case of failure will be disastrous. Even if the ordinary manual valve is not opened and closed for a long time, it is difficult to open it quickly. In recent years, high-rise buildings have sprung up, and China's fire solenoid valve technology has also matured. Another example is that the water plant needs to use the solenoid valve for the inverted siphon pipeline. This solenoid valve must work reliably under the pressure state and in the vacuum state, and there must be no internal leakage, and the cleanliness of the water is not high. down, still should be flexible. In addition, the sprinkler solenoid valve has also been gradually applied with the development of China's agriculture and gardening industry.

(2) Steam solenoid valve

The steam solenoid valve must first solve the problem of high temperature resistance, and its sealing materials, conductive and magnetic conductive materials must be specially selected. The corrosion of steam pipes is relatively severe and must be taken seriously. More importantly, there is a lot of condensed water in the steam pipeline after get off work in the factory. The solenoid valve needs to be able to operate reliably when gaseous and liquid fluids pass through. There are many strict procedures for its factory inspection.

(3) Gas solenoid valve

Due to the adjustment of China's fuel structure, the proportion of gas fuel continues to rise, and the demand for gas solenoid valves also continues to grow. There are many kinds of gas such as natural gas, industrial gas, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. The impurities and corrosion conditions are different, and the requirements for the valve are also different. Moreover, the pressure level is very different, the compressed natural gas is as high as 21 ~ 25Mpa, and the gas pressure is as low as 2Kpa. China has mature products respectively.

It is worth mentioning that dual-fuel vehicles have been continuously promoted in China with the improvement of environmental protection regulations. Tens of thousands of vehicles have been refitted in 12 cities, and most of them are imported fuel supply devices. Matching imports. In fact, these solenoid valves are not produced by foreign solenoid valve professional companies, and the performance test results do not all meet the relevant technical standards of China's gas industry.

(4) Solenoid valve for oil

There are many types of oil, and seal technology is one of the keys. Oil-resistant rubber is just a category name. Different oils and even the same oil contain different impurities, so different oil-resistant rubbers need to be selected. For example, what is resistant to leaded gasoline is not necessarily resistant to unleaded gasoline. In recent years, with the increase in sales of special solenoid valves, the service life of special oil-resistant rubber has also been continuously improved.

The viscosity of oil products varies greatly, so solenoid valves with different structures must be selected.

High-viscosity oil often circulates at high temperatures, so the solenoid valve must also solve the problem of high temperature resistance. Explosion-proof requirements must also be met for fuel.

In recent years, Shanghai Chuannai has successively launched various special solenoid valves for gasoline, diesel, heavy oil, etc., which have been widely used.

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