Steam Solenoid Valve is a device operated electromechanically through a solenoid valve

Update:02 Jun 2021

  What is Steam Solenoid Valve?

  The Steam Solenoid Valve is a device that is electromechanically operated by a solenoid valve to change the state of the valve from open to closed to control the flow of liquid or gas.

  It is used in fluid power pneumatic and hydraulic systems to control cylinders, fluid power motors, and larger industrial valves.

  Steam Solenoid Valve is used in factories/factories that cannot use compressed air.

  In household washing machines and dishwashers, solenoid valves are used to control water entering the washing machine.

  Solenoids are also very important in the medical field, especially when the equipment must be very precise. Due to the threat of life, the manufacture of solenoid valves for medical purposes has passed strict standards.

  Steam Solenoid Valve can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including conventional switch control, calibration, pilot plant control loops, process control systems, and various original equipment manufacturer applications.

  Other Steam Solenoid Valves used in more advanced methods will change the pressure and flow rate according to the input signal.

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