Solenoid Valve Factory Introduces The Principle Of The Solenoid Valve

Update:02 Jun 2021

  Introduce the solenoid valve.

  The working principle is that there is a sealed cavity in the solenoid valve through holes at different positions. Each hole of the five-position three-way solenoid valve leads to a different tubing. The middle of the cavity is the valve, and the two sides are two electromagnets. Which side of the magnet coil leads to which direction, by controlling the movement of the valve body to make the valve body come in gear or leak, different oil drain holes are often opened, and the oil inlet holes often enter different oil drain pipes through oil pressure Push the Yugang piston, the piston drives the piston rod, and the piston rod drives the mechanical device. To control the electromagnet current to control the mechanical movement.

  Classification of solenoid valves.

  According to the principle, foreign solenoid valves can be divided into three categories (ie: direct-acting, step-by-step direct-acting, pilot-operated). The solenoid valve factory can be divided into six branches according to its disc structure and material. Types (direct-acting diaphragm structure, step-by-step structure, pilot diaphragm, direct-acting piston structure, step-by-step direct-acting piston structure, pilot piston structure), according to the number of gas paths can be divided into two-position 2-way, two-position three Two-position 4-way, two-position 5-way. Solenoid valves are divided into single electric control and dual electric control, which refer to the number of solenoid coils. The number of single coils is called single electric control, the number of double coils is called dual electric control, 2-position 2-way, 2-position 3-way general situation The following is single electric control, 2-position 4-way, 2-position 5-way, or single-electric control, or dual-electric control,

  According to the different internal structures of the solenoid valve, it can be divided into pilot type, direct-acting type, compound type, recoil type, self-holding type, pulse type, bistable two-way, etc.