Six Advantages Of Glass Tube Rotameter

Update:30 Aug 2021

  Six advantages of Glass Tube Rotameter

  No external power supply required-Glass Tube Rotameter is a mechanical device that does not require a power supply to provide flow measurement. This allows the Glass Tube Rotameter to be installed in hazardous areas and remote areas where electricity is expensive.

  You can see the process-customers can not only get flow measurement readings, but they can also view their process. Is the process dirty or turbid, which may mean that the filter needs to be replaced? Whether the color of the process is correct and whether there are bubbles in the liquid.

  The Glass Tube Rotameter is cost-effective-the price and features of the Glass Tube Rotameter help save work. Glass Tube Rotameter can be installed with other flow measurement technologies and complement each other at an economical price.

  Installation and maintenance are simple-by connecting the processing pipeline to the inlet and outlet of the rotameter, the Glass Tube Rotameter can be quickly installed. Make sure the meter is vertical and you can now measure the flow.

  Low pressure drop-most small Glass Tube Rotameters have only a few inches of water column pressure drop. This means that the Glass Tube Rotameter can be installed in many places in the process. A small pressure drop means a smaller pump!

  Repeatability-Under the same process conditions, the Glass Tube Rotameter will accurately repeat the flow measurement day after day.

  These six functions ensure that the Glass Tube Rotameter will continue to be an important product for flow measurement now and in the future.

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