Selection method of solenoid valve for automation equipment!

Update:05 Nov 2020

First, Select the appropriate solenoid valve according to different drivers or applications

Control double acting cylinder: 4, 5 port solenoid valve

Control cylinder: 3-port solenoid valve

Control various fluids: 2-port solenoid valve

Second, the steps to select the solenoid valve

1. According to the required flow rate and drive form, select the solenoid valve series

Select the solenoid valve series and model according to the flow required by the working cylinder

2. Select the indexing method

2 position/single coil: restore the original position after power failure

2 position/double coil: if the side is powered, it will return to the position on the side of the power supply; if no power is supplied, keep the position before the power failure

3 position (center seal)/double coil: When both sides are not powered at the same time, the air supply port and exhaust port are closed at the same time, and the pressure in the cylinder cannot be discharged

3 position (middle row)/double coil: When both sides are not powered at the same time, the air supply port is closed and the exhaust port can be exhausted

3 position (middle seal) / double coil: When both sides are not powered at the same time, the air supply port is simultaneously open to the two holes of the exhaust port

3. Select electrical specifications

a. Select the current and voltage used

AC (Alternating Current): Standard 110V, 220V other 24V, 48V, 100V, 200V, other

DC (direct current): standard 24V other 6V, 12V, 48V, other

b. Wire connection method

Direct outlet

L or M socket type

DIN socket type

Terminal block outlet type

4. Select the piping form

Valve body piping type: connect the tube directly to the valve body, cheap

Seat connection type: It is composed of valve body and valve seat, and the piping is only connected to the valve seat. The advantage is that the maintenance is simple, and the valve body only needs to be replaced. It can reduce the misconnection of the pipe

5. Select piping size

Each solenoid valve has one or more specified caliber sizes for selection

6. Select options

a. Indicator light and overvoltage suppression equipment

With indicator light and overvoltage suppressor

b. Manual operation method of pilot valve

No lock button type (standard)

Screwdriver lock type

Manual operation lock type