How to Choose a Flow Meter?

Update:27 Apr 2022

The condition of the fluid object to be measured is complex, there are many types of flow meters, each flow meter has its own characteristics, and the selection of flow meters is more complicated. When choosing a flowmeter, instrument workers should comply with the requirements of "SH/T 3005-2016 Specification for Selection and Design of Petrochemical Automation Instrumentation", "HG/T 20507-2014 Specification for Selection and Design of Automation Instrumentation" and other specifications and standards.

Factors affecting the selection of flowmeters and selection steps
1. Factors to consider in the selection of flowmeters
①Flowmeter performance (technical indicators), including accuracy, repeatability, linearity, range, flow range, pressure loss, pressure rating, signal output characteristics, power requirements, explosion-proof rating, response time, etc.
② In terms of the characteristics of the fluid to be measured, including temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, chemical corrosion, abrasiveness, scaling, suspended matter, sediment, miscibility, phase transition (vaporization, condensation), electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, speed of sound, specific heat capacity, etc.
③In terms of installation conditions, including pipeline layout, flow direction, length of upstream and downstream straight pipe sections of the detection piece, pipeline openings, maintenance space, power supply, grounding, installation of auxiliary equipment (filters, air eliminators, etc.), etc.
④ Environmental conditions, including environmental temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, safety, explosion-proof, vibration, etc. In terms of economic performance and price ratio, it includes instrument purchase cost, installation cost, operating cost (including energy consumption), calibration (verification) cost, maintenance cost, service life, spare parts, etc.

2. Flowmeter selection steps
①According to the above factors for the selection of the shadow flowmeter, the available flowmeter types are preliminarily selected (it is best to choose several types, so as to choose);
② Collect data and price information for the primary flow meter type to prepare for further analysis and comparison;
③ Repeat the elimination method, and gradually concentrate the available flowmeter types to 1-2 types, and then analyze and compare from the above-mentioned methods again, and finally determine a flowmeter.

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