How to Adjust the Flow of Solenoid Valve?

Update:29 Jun 2022

How to realize the adjustment function of the flow of the solenoid valve? Can it be adjusted? How to use the solenoid valve to adjust the flow of the inlet and outlet of the pipeline? This article will discuss with you the solenoid valve manufacturer - Shanghai Chuannai Valve. traffic.

First of all, we have to make it clear that the flow channel of a single solenoid valve has only two states, on and off, because the response speed of the solenoid valve is extremely fast, all in milliseconds, and the instantaneous suction force of the solenoid valve starts. It is the largest, and the stroke is generally from a few millimeters to centimeters. Whether it is from the electromagnetic effect or the law of inertia, the spool cannot hover, let alone the 4~20mA signal like the control valve. Can be precisely controlled anywhere.

But this does not mean that there is no way to control the pipeline flow through the solenoid valve

As early as the 1980s and 1990s, there were solenoid valve designers in Europe by using solenoid valves of different calibers, using 2, 3, 4 or even multiple solenoid valves of different calibers in parallel. Dozens of flow control schemes can be implemented.

Double or multiple combination solenoid valve This is a combination of solenoid valves of different sizes, as shown in Figure '. Figure 'Double combination solenoid valve design diagram Solenoid valve (1 large) + solenoid valve (2 small) The metering accuracy of the oil used by the dispenser and the control accuracy of the gas dispenser on the weight of the LPG tank are as high as, +, '-, all use double or multiple solenoid valves.

The large valve is opened, making it close to completion in a short period of time; then the large valve is closed and supplemented by the small valve, thereby ensuring the flow accuracy. This technology has been used abroad for many years.

Now the solenoid valve manufacturer-Shanghai Chuannai produces double or multiple solenoid valves that have reached the index of imported products and have unique performance. When the power supply voltage is too large and the current is too high, the protection system will automatically cut off the power supply, and automatically recover when the fault is eliminated. The measurement of large flow in domestic oil depots is still introducing or digesting foreign multi-stage shut-off valves with complex structures and unstable performance.

In fact, the use of domestically produced large-flow double or multiple solenoid valves will have a much better effect. Duplex or multi-group combination valves are also commonly used to control parameters such as temperature, pressure, and liquid level. The large valve guarantees the basic amount, and the small valve provides the compensation amount. In a system with relatively stable parameters, this kind of positional control can achieve quite high precision. For some systems with large parameter changes, the rate of change is still subject to certain constraints, such as temperature control systems, which are still affected by thermal inertia.

Therefore, a properly used duplex or multi-unit combination valve can greatly reduce the cost compared to the control valve under the premise of meeting the control requirements.

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