How Much Power Does The Home Chest Freezer Need?

Update:09 Aug 2021

  How much power does the home chest freezer need?

  There are many factors that affect the energy consumption of the home chest freezer. Size, compressor type, ambient temperature, insulation thickness, the cooling temperature they set, the purpose you use it, etc.

  However, most people consume 1 to 6 amps per hour during operation (2.5 amps is fairly average). However, the home chest freezer usually does not run 100% of the time, so it only pulls current when the compressor starts.

  The sound of most home chest freezers is enough for you to hear them within a few meters. Again, cycle times vary greatly, but on average they run about 50% of the time.

  What battery should the home chest freezer use?

  The home chest freezer should not drain the starting battery you use to start the vehicle. The only exception is when you are driving if you absolutely must do this. The reason behind this is simple-your starting battery is essential for starting your vehicle, and if you lay it flat, you may encounter serious trouble.

  The most common way to run a home chest freezer is to use a second battery, which is isolated from the main starting battery. The best choice is a deep-cycle battery, which is designed (as the name suggests) to recycle from full to half-empty, ranging from 1200 to 1700 times.

  You can use ordinary start-up batteries to run them, but they don't like recycling and will greatly shorten their lifespan. Lithium batteries are also becoming more and more popular because they have several advantages, but their cost is quite high.

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