Advantages Of Plastic Rotameter

Update:02 Aug 2021

  Advantages of Plastic Rotameter

  There are several types of rotameters currently on the market. Choosing the best one for your operation depends on your type of industry. All types of Plastic Rotameters have the advantage of low operating costs because they do not require an external power source. They are also very reliable, and the variation rate of multiple measurements made under the same conditions is very low. Installing a rotameter is usually not complicated, and the passage through the flowmeter can remove debris and deposits, thereby reducing the need for cleaning.

  Most Plastic Rotometers are purely mechanical and do not require additional electricity. This increases their durability because the lack of electrical components allows them to operate under extreme conditions. Meters come in many sizes, and their housings are usually metal, glass, or plastic. To make Plastic Rotameter data valuable, it is important to understand the baseline operating temperature, pressure, viscosity, and flow rate range.

  The main risks of Plastic Rotameter stem from factors such as temperature, high pressure, chemical corrosion, and potential volatile materials. With today's new advanced materials, rotameters have higher durability and a wider range of applications.

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