Acrylic Flow Mete Is Made Of Precision Machined Acrylic

Update:19 Jul 2021
  Acrylic Flow Mete is made of precision-processed acrylic and adopts an annealed one-piece structure to eliminate leakage and panel shedding common in non-annealed molded designs. Easy-to-read scales, rod-guided floats, and positive shut-off valves ensure performance and safety. Choose from multiple valves, fitting, O-ring, and float options to suit your specific project.

  Benefits of Acrylic Flow Mete

  Durable one-piece transparent acrylic structure

  Large scale is easy to read

  Valve with positive limit stays in place under pressure

  Rod-guided float for stable measurement

  Fittings, valves, and O-ring options can be adapted to multiple applications

  Multiple connection options, easier to install

  Application of Acrylic Flow Mete

  Air sampling equipment aquaculture

  Desalination equipment

  Gas analyzer

  medical system

  Photo processing equipment

  Water treatment and distribution system

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